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Code with Confidence

The code quality platform that identifies coverage gaps and suggests how to resolve them – enabling developers to have confidence in their code while shipping quickly

Software developer or team working on computer, focused on testing and code coverage.
code coverage tool that detects and fixes test issues

Detect & Fix Test Coverage Gaps

Zoom In on Code Coverage for your tests

Analyze code coverage on GitHub PRsgain insights into your code’s health and identify areas for improvement.

paint brush icon representing's ability to suggest test coverage improvements.

Test Suggestions automatically color your PR with suggestions to plug the holes in your test coverage

Test Coverage Detection

software integrated with testing frameworks

Integrated with your test suite – whether you use Jest, JUnit, or any other testing framework, easily integrates with them all.

Spot Gaps - Icon for identifying gaps in test coverage

Spot Gaps pinpoint areas of your codebase that require more testing, directly within your GitHub PRs

finding gaps in code coverage as a pirate finds his treasure

Test Coverage Suggestions's Proven Test Suggestion Technology

Proven Test Suggestion Technology – #1 ranked for Software Testing on VS Code Marketplace 

GitHub PR comment feature for test suggestions

All in GitHub – accept and adjust the testing suggestions through GitHub PR comments

Engineers ❤️ is a game changer for our testing process. It has significantly improved the quality and reliability of our software. I highly recommend it.
Ethan Blake
Sr. Software Engineer
Thanks to, we are now able to identify coverage gaps and resolve them quickly. It has made our testing process much more efficient and effective.
Leila Garcia
Engineering Manager has been an invaluable tool for our development team. It has helped us deliver high-quality code with confidence and has significantly improved our release timelines.
Marcus Lee
Co-Founder / Engineer

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