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⚡Augment your testing with AIUse to quickly generate Unit, End to End, API, and Performance tests.⛰️Generate Tests at Scale with AI

🦸Become a code quality champion

You can be a code quality champion! By using to increase your codebase's test coverate you will reduce application errors and improve code quality!

⌛Save time writing tests

Create amazing test cases 10X faster using AI

Works with tools you ❤️

Seamlessly add tests directly in VS Code

🚀 Create tests on new features

Easily add test coverage to new features as a part of your development workflow

🗝️ Add tests to legacy code

Efficiently create test coverage to easily maintain legacy code

⚖️ Quality at Scale

Scale your testing process easily with AI

Beta Launch


Use for completely free while in beta!

  • Unit Testing in Python, Javascript, Go, Java, and More!

  • Integrates in your GitHub Actions Pipelines

  • Become a code quality champion 🦸

Full Launch


We will figure out a fair price when we fully launch, enjoy our beta for free now!

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